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Interesting Dog House Images

17 Interesting Dog House Images


There are a LOT of awesome dog house images online. And in this post, we are going to share our favorites with you.

There are few things that bring a dog owner as much joy as taking care of their favorite canine companion. We all know that dogs need some ‘gear’ to make their lives better, and we LOVE shopping for it.

There is something about buying your cutest best friend cool stuff that really trips the ‘pleasure switch’ in the brain. And one piece of gear that every dog owner loves to think about buying for their dog is a dog house.

Well, we have taken it upon ourselves to assemble a list of the 17 most interesting dog house images that we could find online, in the hopes that we may be able to help you during your search.

Enjoy these dog houses! Hopefully they will inspire you to provide the perfect abode for your favorite little canine pal!

1. Boomer & George Stair Case Dog House

We love this dog house because it offers an attractive wood design, an upper play-area, and of course… a cozy place for your dog inside. It is priced pretty affordably, but you could also build one if you’re handy with a saw and a screw gun!

It comes in three different sizes, with the largest being 48W x 32D x 35H (inches).

Plus, it is made from fir, is weatherproof, and features a raised-floor design to keep your pup dry in wet weather.

2. Rufus Cream and Oak Pet House by ACME

This awesome little dog house is shaped like a real house… which is super cool.

We loved the railings and the little window vents on the roof, and were pretty crazy about the log-style look.

You can pick this dog house up here. It has a raised floor, and is also a pretty good size at 45”W x 50”D x 40”H.

It is in a collection literally called the ‘Rufus’ collection, which is super cute!

3. Weird Swamp Doghouse

This is a CRAZY ONE! We actually found this image on Pinterest, but have no idea where it came from (Pinterest is great for finding interesting dog house images).

It looks like you could build one if you were handy enough with the tools, but it would be quite a project.

We loved it because it was so creepy/weird. It is almost like a swamp/horror house! Love it!!!

4. Boomer & George Duplex Dog House

This is another cute little dog house that you can find on hayneedle.com.

It is a duplex dog house, so if your pets get along pretty well, they could actually share this comfortable little space.

It is perfect for small to medium sized dogs, and comes with an optional center divider wall if you wanted the two halves to be separated.

We feel like it is a great idea!

5. Dog House Triple Kennel

You can find this little foot-of-the-bed-triple-kennel on Etsy. It is priced at a premium rate—but it would also be SO HANDY if you have three dogs who need a comfortable and convenient place to sleep at night.

DogCratesAndKennels hand-builds these on Etsy, from wood, rebar, pine, metal, and wire.

They are absolutely stunning, and VERY durable. If you have three smaller dogs that need places to sleep, this is a super awesome little setup!

6. Modern Style Dog House

We found this gorgeous dog house idea on @thaidoghouse’s Instragram. It is definitely big enough to fit larger-sized dogs in it, though we could not find any instructions or plans for putting one together.

But if you are handy with some tools, you may be able to back-engineer the images to create something very similar.

The hardest part might be the glass that is used. The transparent sides are really nice because they allow you to keep an eye on your dog from in the house, even when he/she is sleeping.

7. Hacienda Dog House

We found this fancy little dog house in a list online, and instantly loved it.

We were unable to figure out exactly where this originated from, but we love how modern and ‘suburban’ it looks.

You could probably replicate this dog house with some effort, but be ready to put in some serious work-time if you want to build your own version of this!

8. Hobbit Hole Dog House

We found this adorable hobbit hole dog house on Pinterest, and instantly fell in love with it.

It’s made of wood, and has real roof shingles on top… as well as some vegetation growing along the sides to make it weather-proof and more climate-controlled.

You can find the Pinterest image here. You could make it any size you wanted if you opted to build it yourself, though you may as well go ahead and build it large-sized… as this one might be tough to modify later on!

9. Luxury/Modern Dog House

We found this awesome little dog house on Pinterest. Thanks to its simple construction, this particular model could house a dog of any size. Plus, the picture makes it easy to see how it was constructed—which means that someone with some skill could probably recreate it pretty easily.

It looks like cedar-wood to us. Plus, the modern-style look would go great with a house in the suburbs. This is a warm-weather house, though. So if you live in a cold climate, you may want to go with something more insulated for the winter months.

10. Pallet Dog House

This awesome pallet dog house could be easily constructed using basic hand tools and pallets.

In fact, if you have access to a couple of pallets and some screws, you may not even need to spend any money on this cool idea!

We found it on Pinterest, and really fell in love with it.

The only challenge? You need to find yourself some free pallets to get the project started!

11. Dog Cabin

This is another simple, yet awesome log-cabin-style dog house concept that we really loved.

This one is large enough for bigger dogs, but has also been constructed with a covered entryway and a little countertop for food and water bowls.

We found the image on Pinterest (which is filled with awesome dog house images). It would be a little challenging to re-create, but with a bit of determination, you could easily back-engineer the design and build something very similar.

12. Barrel Dog House

This is an AWESOME idea that almost anyone could make with a little bit of effort!

The most difficult part of this process would be finding the right kind of barrel.

But once you did that, a little bit of work with the right tools could yield outstanding results.

This may not be an ideal option for very large dogs—but for small to medium sized pups, we love this barrel dog-house idea!

13. Custom Made Dog House

This awesome outdoor doghouse was made from small bits of different building materials. It has a sliding roof for easy inside access, laminated tile on the inside, solar powered lights, and even asphalt shingles!

The wood is oak, and the dimensions are 31W x 39L x 22-27H. We found it on Pinterest. It’s a custom job, but it could be replicated or special-ordered if you were willing to pay for the premium-level fixtures! The solar lights are especially fancy!

14. Boomer & George Lodge Dog House

This large-sized dog house sells for only $129.99 on Hayneedle.com (it was on sale. It is usually $159.99).

This dog house was specifically designed to be large, with dimensions of 67W x 31D x 38H. It is made from solid fir wood, and has awesome dark-trim accents to give it a very neutral aesthetic look.

If you want something that will look nice without standing out too much, this awesome little dog-house is perfect. It even comes with a spacious sun deck that your dog can take naps on.

15. MTV-Crib-Worthy Dog House

We found this awesome dog house in a top-11 list… and cannot stop staring. From the over-the-top design to the hot-tub in the yard, to the deck that is nicer than the decks in most human yards—this is a truly crazy dog house that you have to see to believe.

We aren’t sure who built this or where it came from… but one thing is for sure.

This dog house is nicer than a lot of HUMAN homes! So if you’re thinking of trying to emulate it with your own dog house, you may need some extra cash first!

16. Human Dog House

We found this one on Pinterest. Yes, it is a human dog house. Or, a dog house for humans to live in, that is literally shaped like a dog.

We shared this one because it is definitely interesting.

We are not sure if a dog lives here or not—but judging by the design, it is safe to assume that the inhabitants love dogs. So they probably have a dog. So this is probably technically a dog house, right? (Ok, we’ll stop now!)

17… Aquarium Dog House

This is an indoor aquarium dog house that we found on Pinterest. This is not an outside dog house, and it seems to be intended for small dogs or smaller medium-sized dogs. But as far as aesthetics go, this thing is awesome!

There are quite a few examples of fish tank dog houses on Pinterest.

They may be expensive to acquire or build… but if you love fish and dogs, this could be an awesome way to blend your love for both of them!

Questions and Answers About Dog Houses

Q: Why is a dog house important?

A: Dog houses may seem like an unnecessary expense if your dog spends a lot of time indoors… but having one is still important for several reasons. Even dogs who are bred to spend time outdoors can be sensitive to the sun, the cold temperatures on the ground, cold wind, etc. So a dog house can help to counter the elements and give your canine a place for shelter if they need it—even if they only spend a little bit of time outside every day.

Q: Does the size of a dog house really matter?

A: Size is actually one of the most important things to consider when buying or building a dog house. A quality dog house should be large enough to allow the animal to fully stand up and turn around. A dog house should also offer enough room for water and food bowls without impeding the animal’s space.

Q: Does the building material of the dog house make a difference?

A: Actually, this can make a big difference. Dark materials can pull unwanted heat inward, and plastic is not always the best choice in hot climates because it can also hold in unwanted heat. Sealed wood generally offers the best options. Keeping the house itself in the shade, and installing vents in it can also do a lot to help keep your canine companion comfortable.

In Conclusion

Hopefully these dog house images have helped to spark your imagination. Planning out a dog house for your favorite furry friend can be an awesome experience.

Our final tip of the day? Just don’t rush it. A doghouse is something that your dog can use for years to come. So take your time, check out as many dog house images as you can, and look for the perfect house to suit your dog’s needs.

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