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Can Dogs Eat Pineapple? What You Should Know!

Dogs eat pineapple

Can dogs eat pineapple? It might seem like a strange question to ask—but then again, when was the last time you heard of someone actually feeding this specific type of food to their canine companion? As people start taking the health of their animals even more seriously, the question bears asking—should foods like this be…

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Why Does My Dog Jump on Me?

My dog jumps on me

Why does my dog jump on me? This is one of the most commonly asked questions among dog owners, and it can be understandably confusing. There is almost nothing more frustrating to a dog owner than realizing that your dog has a jumping problem. Granted, this can seem innocent enough when they are little puppies.…

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17 Interesting Dog House Images

Interesting Dog House Images

There are a LOT of awesome dog house images online. And in this post, we are going to share our favorites with you. There are few things that bring a dog owner as much joy as taking care of their favorite canine companion. We all know that dogs need some ‘gear’ to make their lives…

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12 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds For Busy People

Low maintenance dog breeds

All dogs need lots of care and love, but some require much more time and effort than others. If your plate is already full, but you still want to enjoy the company of a four-legged friend, look for a breed that is easy to groom and train, and that doesn’t require a lot of exercise.…

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How to Leash Train an Older Dog (Quick Guide)

How to Leash Train an Older Dog

If you’ve adopted a furry family member who’s beyond the puppy stage, you may be wondering: How do I go about leash training an older dog? First, you should know that you’re not alone: This is a common challenge encountered by owners who adopt or inherit an older dog that is not accustomed to walking…

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How to Dispose of Dog Poop the Green Way

Dispose of Dog Poop the Green Way

Are you concerned about the amount of plastic in landfills? Are you worried that you might be contributing too much to it by owning a dog? We all want to be responsible pet owners, and that means cleaning up after our dogs. But we also want to protect the environment. There are plenty of methods…

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5 Weight Management Dog Food Varieties for Your Large Breed

Weight Management Dog Foods For Large Breed Dogs

Don’t be fooled by the cute roundness of a big chubby dog, obesity as a leading cause of death and disease in dogs isn’t funny. Large dog breeds, in particular, suffer more from obesity than other breeds due to their history of orthopedic diseases- diseases that are only exacerbated by any extra weight they will…

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Can Dogs Eat Watermelon and Watermelon Seeds?

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon and Watermelon Seeds?

There is nothing like sharing a delicious treat with our best furry friends. During the summer, however, it can be extremely hot and difficult to find tasty treats that will help keep your dog cool. One of the most delicious foods to enjoy during the spring and summer months is a tasty, sweet watermelon. This…

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How to Give Your Dog a Pill or Medicine: Quick and Easy

How to Give Your Dog Pills - Quick and Easy

Does your dog hate taking medication? Will he take off running at the mere sound of pills clinking in the bottle? Some owners get lucky with a canine who will swallow medication with little hesitation. But others…they are plagued with a picky pup who’s able to sniff out the presence of a pill in even…

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